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I stand before you a black woman

Before I was known as black

I was slave, nigger, negro,

An African American


nigger, which should have been Niger

stated, ”

They just added another g to humiliate me

They made something that was beautiful Known as ugly.

I was not defined at the beginning of time

By my race, I was a Queen and still am a Queen

Not by marriage of an England Prince, gives me the title of thee

But by the creator of existing of beautiful paradise

That became jeopardize by the evil lurkers

The Law-Makers which became the Law breakers

Segregated us by such standard

Of who and whom gets left behind and gets pushed forward

By their standard they believe that they took my title

But they can not take from me that they have not given



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My Journey on a Healthy Life Style

Monday, May 24, 2010


    Hi, I thought I start out introducing what I will be writing about. The world is in a new discovery of health fixes and I will be part-taking of it too. I will be writing about my journey on living a life of juicing, soups, edible facial mask, and other natural substances. This self influence came about wanting a family, tired of constantly getting ill and tired of no energy. I have been to the doctors numerous times and all that is said is “lose weight”. I took their advice at precious cost, joined a gym and made it a life choice. I did manage to lose 6 lbs, and then my body halted. It went into reverse-I started gaining the weight back and more. The doctors believed I have PCOS. I don’t believe in that. I think I need to focus on a diet that will benefit my cells and clear out the unhealthy things that I placed in my body. God did tell us to live of the land and that is going to be my model. If it didn’t grow, then I am not eating it. So, now I am going to share my journey with you on a new life plan.

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In The Grave

In the grave I feel a deep despair

Away from the one that gave me His air

He obviously thought I was worth it

But in life I had this strife

With society but the fact of the matter it was within me

I never reach out for help and neither

Did anyone reach out to inspire or inquire

The feelings that was protruding through the

Darkness of my eyes

Only if they look a little closely

To know me to sense me and not just walk pass me


My time has gone by I’m done with life

In my heart I still lie with strife

Under this concrete of dirt

Feeling the hurt

Hoping I be picked and not be put in the hot pit

I want to be in concluded in the book

Hoping in my heart  He would take a look

I had the desire, for hire of his love from above

But I never learned, neither did I make it my concern

My heart  and mind was more of a fern

Because he gave me the roots to know the truth

If I would of read the bible I would of knew

What rules to follow in the book of Matthew

beginning about the start of creation until

Ending life in the book of revelations

Now I wish I could rewind

At my moment in time before I died

Hoping and needing for that peace in the sky

 now I am here crammed

In the box of my sin

Because I did no praying

Why am I complaining now

Having fear for my soul

Because I want  to bestow what was meant for me

Sorry for not believing or finding true Christianity

Knowing I  could see all of my family

And friends that left before and after me

Just for once in my life

Having the dream not a dream no more

Of the promised land, no pain, no sprains

No wounds, no more tombs

No prison, everyone Christian

No fighting, no crying, no stabbing

No raping, no more complaining or gripping

Just the joys of life, from the very beginning, what it was meant to be

That the life that I had lived to see

Not the one that was placed before me

I get to see the new happy me


I tell you this because the judge of life lies before me

I don’t want  you to repeat  my life of inequity

There is a chance for you to believe

Living the life that was meant to be

Foreseen in front of you because its to late for me

I will be judge on my life of purity and impurity

From the person who spared us from misery

I want you to be guilty free before laying in the box of uncertainty

He will read his golden book to make sure you followed through

Of knowing the bible thru and thru

Its not an easy life to you, I confess

Living every day life is a test to perform your best

It will be worth the sec, the min, the hour, the day, the week, the month, the year of living without fear in this box, that is locked until I am let out

At my moment in time to be heaven sent or in the place where my teeth will be weeping and gnashing until the end

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Victorian Woman


By Marian T. Perkins


Please sir or ma‘am can you spare some change

Please, I never started out this way

You see, I once lived in a glorious house

which was the best on the street

I had wore this lovely white gown with ruffles

And held an umbrella over my head to keep the sun away

My husband was a merchant, who soared the seas to make trades

He would buy me beautiful rubies and pearl necklaces

My hair would flow with long luxcuries curls falling down to my neck


Please, sir or ma am ,can you spare some change

You see, my husband was on his boat one day ,on his way to make a trade

The water was very angry, roaring back and fourth, with white foam along it’s mouth

It didn’t want my husband boat to continue it’s journey, the boat tipped

My husband fell in, making bubbles, because he was unable to swim 

so, he drown in the water, spelling the letters H E L P in the bubbles

but they never burst 

He wasn’t heard of any more, no body washed  on the shore

That glorious house, I told you about was taken away

By men in suits and carried briefcases filled with papers of other property


Oh yes, that white dress, well I had to take it to this store ,you know

I had to eat and the money lasted me for about a week

Then, I had to find a room to stay inThose pearls and rubies

Wel, I went back to that store to trade them in and

they gave me enough money to last for a month


You see, sir and ma‘am, I didn’t start out this way

I became worried about, what I was going to do next

there was a law on women, we were unable to work

We were only allowed to raise families.

I have no skills to help myself to survive

I knew, I had one important thing which lay in-between my thighs

Yeah, it was shameful but I had to do what I had to do to survive

The money that it brought, well it was only added up to five

Some men would be filled with anger and take it out on me

They didn’t’ see the true value in me.

all they saw was what lay in-between me


My pride, my pride slowly died away, water that flowed from my eyes

Made a stream in-between my thighs

I couldn’t take any more of the abuse; I was beaten down until

the heads started looking the other away and making frowns.

As if I was no more

Now you see ,sir and ma’am I need you to help me last just another day

Hoping that some day it would be better

So, can you spare some change sir?

I was promised a glorious future


If I get enough money, I’m going to march back in that store again

to get that beautiful white dress so I can feel my best

It would make me feel like a new woman, and if they still have the rubies,

and pearls,I am going to ask for them too


I should be concern, for that man, that made me to be the woman I once was

But I have to move on and continue strong ,trying to make myself  happy

Yes, you’re right, those clothes and jewelry won’t make me happy

But they would make me feel like a woman for one day.

I would wear that dress proudly with my head held high

and feel like I did that very day, they were given to me. 

Washing away the sins, that came from when, the men, you know those men

I would feel new and joyful again.

I hope to marry, to continue on my journey. 

I was meant to complete.

I know, there is a reason why I lasted this long

So can you please, sir and ma am, spare some change to help me to strive fourth

I heard woman are know able to go to school and work

So I need to look beautiful again, for one day to make it right for me

This part of my life shouldn’t have become

As the sounds of coins clicking away hitting the bottom of the cup

A new joy has opened her heart to continue the journey for her to complete.



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